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We are a specialist, expert partner and experienced provider in clinical trial recruitment and execution. We conduct clinical therapy trials on behalf of the pharmaceutical research industry with the focus on Phases Ib – IV and provide the necessary services in this context.


Our clients include pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations (CRO) and firms from the fields of biotechnology and medical devices.

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kgfn Research Sites

Our Locations Throughout Germany

Our research sites give you access to specialized, experienced study teams and state-of-the-art technical facilities. These sites are located in Hamburg, Schwerin, Hanover, Berlin, Dresden and Karlsruhe, establishing a presence in regions with dynamic growth throughout Germany so that we are easy for our clients as well as our patients to reach.

History & Growth

1995 to the Present

With the foundation of Klinische Forschung Hamburg in 1995 Prof. Dr. med. Hanns-Gerd Dammann laid the cornerstone for one of the first groups of research sites in Germany: Klinische Forschung Gruppe Nord. In 2004 and 2005 he extended its coverage with locations in Berlin and Schwerin, thereby established a continuing association of specialized research sites, which were joined by locations in Hanover (2007), Dresden (2011) and Karlsruhe (2015).


Today, over 80 experienced staff work full time conducting clinical trials at our six outpatient research sites. A specialized management and service company was established in 2013 to enable our study teams to focus on our patients as well as on high quality in study execution. It is responsible for the general framework conditions and for organizing projects from a central point. At the same time, we continue to develop new business opportunities: our structure comprising outpatient research sites with associate medical specialists and clinics enables us to map a broad range of clinical trial indications.

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