What is Clinical Research?

Good Reasons for Patient Studies

Clinical studies are conducted within clinical trials for pharmaceutical products. They are an essential tool in medical further development and medical progress. Studies verify the efficacy, tolerability and safety of new and approved drugs, innovative treatment forms and medical intervention options. Clinical research is therefore instrumental in bringing to market new drugs and therapies that will make it possible to treat illnesses more effectively and with fewer side effects in future.

Becoming a patient


Many diseases still lack a therapy. To improve patients’ health and quality of life, scientists are researching into new substances and treatment methods.

By participating in clinical trials, you play a major role in medical progress. Only with your help can new treatment methods and substances be tested and subsequently made available to other patients. You bear responsibility and open doors to help other people alleviate the symptoms of their illnesses.


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Your Benefits in Brief

Access to new therapies and improved treatment options

Comprehensive consultation with a physician

Maximum safety and quality standards

Closely monitored treatment and care during the study, collaborating with your local physician and/or specialist

Appointments can be made flexibly at short notice

No waiting

Defined contacts and study teams

Appropriate financial compensation (variable according to study, e.g., travel expenses)

If you decide to participate in a clinical trial, you can be sure that we will devote our full attention to your welfare. You will be closely monitored by experienced PIs and study nurses during the patient study. Your welfare is our top priority. And of course you can withdraw your consent at any time after commencing participation in a study without stating a reason for doing so.

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