The kfgn Research Sites

Clinical Research at 6 Sites Throughout Germany

Our outpatient study sites serve a catchment area of over 13 million residents throughout Germany. Studies are conducted over an area of more than 4,000 m² in Hamburg, Schwerin, Hanover, Berlin, Dresden and Karlsruhe.

All research sites enjoy a very central location and are therefore easy to reach, even by public transport. You are guaranteed a pleasant stay by our friendly expert staff and, above all, a modern environment with light, spacious treatment rooms and attractive patient lounges.


The basic configuration of each site comprises an archive, a laboratory, a lockable pharmaceuticals room with air conditioning and temperature control as well as air circulation refrigerating and freezer units. In addition to this, all locations offer monitored  overnight sleeping arrangements including polysomnography equipment. Separate rooms are available for the monitoring option. Full accessibility and emergency care are guaranteed at each research site.


Becoming a patient

Many diseases still lack a therapy. To improve patients’ health and quality of life, scientists are researching into new substances and treatment methods.

By participating in clinical trials, you play a major role in medical progress. Only with your help can new treatment methods and substances be tested and subsequently made available to other patients. You bear responsibility and open doors to help other people alleviate the symptoms of their illnesses.

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