Klinische Forschung Dresden

The Klinische Forschung Dresden GmbH site lies in the heart of the capital city of Saxony. It is located in the pedestrian precinct and is easy to reach by public transport. Sufficient parking space is available in the immediate vicinity for visitors traveling by car.

The catchment area for this research site comprises Dresden and the entire east of Saxony, the Saxon Switzerland district, Chemnitz and the Central Saxony and Erzgebirgskreis districts.

Our Dresden Site

Key Data

  • Around 155 trials conducted since 2011
  • Over 1,750 patients treated
  • Cooperation for all imaging processes and access to all functional diagnostic methods
  • Overnight capacity and polysomnography: 5 beds
  • Emergency care from the A&E unit at the Dresden-Friedrichstadt Clinic


  • 4 spacious meeting and treatment rooms, patient lounge, WC and shower
  • Internal archive (central external archive)
  • Lab

Lab Configuration

  • Freezer units -20°C and -70°C
  • Centrifugal room temperature plus cooling option
  • Incubator

Diagnostic Equipment

  • Weight scale
  • RR measurement devices
  • 12-channel ECG
  • Spirometer
  • Echo cardiography

Pharmaceutical Storage

  • Lockable air-conditioned pharmaceutical room
  • 4 lockable pharmaceutical refrigerators

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