Klinische Forschung Karlsruhe

The Klinische Forschung Karlsruhe GmbH site is in a central location and easy to reach by car or public transport.

The catchment area comprises the Karlsruhe region with around 1.3 million residents.

Our Karlsruhe Site

Key Data

  • Around 70 trials conducted since 2004, kfgn site since 2016
  • Over 2,000 patients treated
  • Cooperation for all imaging processes and access to all functional diagnostic methods
  • Overnight capacity and polysomnography: 4 beds
  • Emergency care from the A&E unit at the St. Vincentius-Kliniken gAG Karlsruhe clinic


  • 4 spacious meeting and treatment rooms, patient lounge, WC and shower
  • Internal archive (central external archive)
  • Lab

Lab Configuration

  • Freezer units -20°C and -40°C
  • Centrifugal room temperature
  • Incubator

Diagnostic Equipment

  • Weight scale
  • RR measurement devices
  • 12-channel ECG
  • Spirometer

Pharmaceutical Storage

  • Lockable air-conditioned pharmaceutical room
  • Lockable pharmaceutical refrigerator

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