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Efficient Project Management for Your Clinical Trials

Thanks to the central coordination of all our services, we guarantee efficient project management for your clinical trials and ensure that staff at our research sites can focus on study execution.


We offer you a central contact for all sites, partners and clients, whatever your project status – from feasibility analysis through to contract and invoicing. By minimizing interfaces, we achieve optimal communication and thereby guarantee that trial planning is handled swiftly and with the focus on results.

Along with our expertise and know-how, we offer a range of services that can rarely be implemented during day-to-day work at a physician’s office or clinic. Thanks to decades of experience and specialization in this field, we know precisely what is required.

Site Services-kfgn
Site Services kfgn klinische Forschung

Services for kfgn Sites, Associate Medical Specialists and Inpatient Cooperation from a Single Provider:

Central feasibility and pre-feasibility analysis

Central service and contract management

Patient recruitment: Large patient database and kfgn online recruitment tool, advertisements in print, online and broadcast media

Central quality management and kfgn standard operating procedures (SOPs)

Training for trial personnel to AMG, MPG and ICH-GCP

Project and process management and preparation (e.g., compiling documentation for ethics submission)

Business development and study acquisition

Human resources management and resources planning

Financial planning and controlling

Our annual internal audits and quality circles guarantee maximum data quality at all times.


Central contact for your trial planning.



We have over 20 years’ experience conducting clinical trials in phases Ib to IV.


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