Pre-Feasibility and Feasibility

Planning Security for Recruited Patients, Cost Control

We offer you central coordination and organization of all your feasibility inquiries through a single contact for all sites. This enables us to verify the feasibility of your project in various settings fast and on schedule, cooperating with the relevant medical specialists.

Planning Security and Cost Control


Planning security is an important criterion for our clients as well as for our company in the execution of clinical trials. For this reason it is vital for us to make a realistic assessment of trial feasibility. From the moment the trial begins, we quote a reliable patient base that we can include to comply with the given criteria. Our recruitment mechanisms and databases enable us to identify suitable patient cohorts early on in the process.

In addition, we make you a reliable offer, quoting the anticipated cost of providing the specified number of patients. You therefore know what to expect from us and the feasibility rating for your study right from the very start.

Early Involvement in Protocol Creation

We see ourselves as a strategic partner. Drawing on over 20 years’ experience in more than 700 projects and the broad range of medical expertise offered by our principal investigators, we are ready to support you at an early stage in your planning and development of the trial protocol.

Do you need direct access to patients and their perspectives? Would you like an expert comparison of valid treatment guidelines and, based on it, an assessment of inclusion and exclusion criteria? Simply tell us what it is you need.

The sooner you involve us in your project plans and focal research areas, the more we will achieve together.


Feasibility Management & Business Development Contact

Our annual internal audits and quality circles guarantee maximum data quality at all times.



We are specialists in the area of patient recruitment. Our database contains over 50,000 potential patients

We have over 20 years’ experience conducting clinical trials in phases Ib to IV.


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