Patient Recruitment

We Have the Patients!

kfgn has various patient recruitment options and access to a growing patient database. Our database currently contains over 50,000 registered patients as potential recruits. Using various media channels for patient recruitment, thousands of new names are registered on our website each year. For each clinical trial we develop a specific strategy that is geared to clinical indication, clientele and regional aspects of the site. This is always the case irrespective of whether a project is conducted at one of our research sites, at a medical specialist’s office, a clinic or at other sites.

Broad Reach and Yet Close to the Patient

With we have established our own highly efficient online recruitment tool, a platform that our patients favorize when seeking information and registering for current trials. They are always contacted directly by recruitment managers with medical training, who are responsible for providing up-front information for potentially suitable study participants and for shortlisting candidates. The next step is to make an appointment with each patient for a detailed medical history interview at the research site.


We always take time for our patients, create an atmosphere of well-being and thus improve the compliance and loyalty of our study participants.

Prompt Identification of Suitable Patient Cohorts

Information from our databases and proactive advertising enables up to identify patients for upcoming potential study projects at an early stage. This means we can acquire potential patients for your study swiftly and reliably prior to study initiation.

Our Service for You

We are specialists in patient recruitment for clinical studies – our clear structures, recruitment mechanisms and experienced staff equip us to find the right patients for any study. We can therefore supply all the research sites involved throughout Germany with potential study participants via and the kfgn patient database. Our services range from lead generation through and telephone shortlisting based on protocol-specific inclusion and exclusion criteria, to assigning a patient to a suitable trial site or, alternatively, to personal pre-screening. For more information, please contact us.

Patient Recruitment as a Service for Our Clients

Our annual internal audits and quality circles guarantee maximum data quality at all times.



We offer you central coordination and organization of all your feasibility inquiries through a single contact for all our sites.

We have over 20 years’ experience conducting clinical trials in phases Ib to IV.